What's in my handbag? (i swear!)

Okay, so I just wanted to clear a few questions before we got started. Why would I have a 'handbag?' Well the truth is, being the extremley sophisticated one I am, mine is not such a handbag as to a brown shoulder bag (v.i.n.t.a.g.e) from an op shop. Same thing. Also, the only reason I am carrying this around on a Sunday is because I went to the markets (as briefly stated before) and these are the very few items I carried before the heavy load of girls annuals and Bobbsey Twins.

  • Lucas Papaw Ointment (it was cold and my lips were chapped ok!)
  • Phone
  • Pocket Sunflowers Spritz On (by Elizabeth Arden)
  • Sunglasses (from an op shop-vintage black ones with gold frames, me likey)
  • Tissues (it was cold and my nose was runny!)
  • Camera (to take pics of awesomly vintage things which my budget wouldn't allow)
  • One blue and black flower earring (don't ask me...?)

So there it was. I hope it wasn't too boring or normal for your likes. I hope to think I am normal, yet people exceed me and make me feel like a strange, obssessed creapo.

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