sharks don't bite....right...?

Well, I'm back from camping. And can I just say;

First of all, I enjoyed it. Heaps. I loved the sunset and the crabs and the crystal clear waters and the dolphins! Most of all I loved the beach, where I actually went into the waves and got dunked very many times, I loved the massive shallow lake that had waves because of the wind! It was cold on arrival, but heated up quite perfectly on the second day. There was a pool (which was not camping experience) spiders, snakes, possums, a SHARK, dolphins (yay!) and crabs. In the night, when it was pitch black, we scurried onto the beach and searched for crabs. They scuttled around everywhere and they were cute!

Although it was amazingly fun every second, there was a scary JAWS like moment. We were all having fun in the patrolled beach; crisp white sand, heaps of waves, blue water etc etc. My uncle had told me that dolphins sometimes came into the water, so when there was a dark shape I wasn't too worried.

My brother, cousin and I were out back and couldn't heareveryone screaming at us, and when we finally did get it I was so scared I just couldn't move. Luckily, I did, and we came out and the lifeguards got on their little board and swam out. It was 30 minutes before we got back in again but I was still petrified. A shark!!! A real live eating, slimy, chewing, weird, grey shark!

Besides that, after that we went for some fish and chips and took a walk on the break wall, which is a boardwalk which goes what seems like forever, over this massive lake (which is really awesome and fun) and then ends at the ocean. On the left as you walk is a park for a few metres, than a beach, and on the right is the lake. My aunty was the first one to spot the dolphin, and they are amazing little creatures. Diving and swimming and so happy. We walked to the end, crouched on rocks and watched the creatures while munching on Heaven Macadamias.

Life's all good right about now. :)

30 Letter Challenge 2

My Crush
Hmm, I have several crushes, but I will probably do the one who I have loved for yonks...

DEAR You know who,
It's not fair to say you're my crush, because I picture you and I getting married. I love you.

Hey, I've known you for all my life, there is a photo of us kissing and holding hands, I'm pretty sure it's fair to say I love you.

But, you hardly notice me as anyone amazing. I mean, I'm the only girl you ever talk to, which is pretty cool. We hang out a lot, we play basketball and watch Simpsons and eat food, and every time I see you it's like a surge in me.

It hurts me that you are very popular and that most girls like you, but you're kind and sporty and shy and quiet and cute. I just want to say that someday, it must seem perfect that we will get married and have a future, because I'm sure our parents will agree.

30 Letter Challenge 1

Now, now, now. fIRST off, just a little snippet of my day;

I went shopping with emlem and samlam and we ate and sang and broke things accidently in david jones (it was just one bra hanger guys!) until we died. I laughed so hard a bit of ice cream came out of my mouth and landed on the hot dog/penis poster. :D

The 30 Day Letter Challenge has probably already passed, but I want to do it. The point is I won't be on here every 30 days, so I'm just going to do 30 Letter Challenge, which means I'm going to do the 30 Letters at random and whenever I want, so here's the start :)

My Best Friend
This is extremley difficult, as I honestly can't think of who my best friend is. A best friend is meant to stay forever, but sometimes they don't, I mean can a best friend be someone who was amazing for a few months then drifted away?

I'd have to say that alls fair, Dear Emily. I've known you since year 1, and I remember how you didn't like me at first and you hung out with Lara until I convinced you to include me. I love our random voices and that we crack up at anything, I love how you don't care about anything and how you're so tiny. I love how we went bra shopping and you were so excited because you fit an 8AA, and I love how at my old school we farted in Mr Mac's room ;P

I didn't like it when we fought in year 6, but I loved it how we made up and are now better than ever. I hate it how I never see you, and that I'm not involved in as much because of the distance, I love your voice and how random you are, I love it how we can talk about nothing.

I love how when we both liked Tom we sat down with him, told him and were so scared we ran away and avoided him all afternoon, until we decided we didn't like him anymore. I love it how we have a nerdy group which is the best damn group in the whole world, and I love it how you don't care about going to the beach party you weren't invited too.

I remember how in year 6 I didn't want to get changed in the PE rooms in front of everyone, so you sneaked down with me to the staff rooms and we got changed there, and how one time we were in there and we were really scared. I remember how I swam in your pool once and we made noodle rafts, which broke.

Most of all I love our wacky nicknames: domlom, emlem, emibem, emblem, flemhead, muffin, farty warty.

I miss you and love you Emlem <3

meg is awesome.

December. The month that strikes fear in all parent's hearts and joy in all kid's hearts.

The month where the most money is spent on Christmas presents, time at the shops and most electricity is used due to the heat and Christmas lights. The heat kicked in today, i really felt it. Ugh. But i am insanely in love with December, because it means Christmas and who is not happy about that??!!

There are a few people in the world who aren't though, homeless and poor people who can't afford presents or don't have a home to go too, i think that's when you need to look at the true meaning of Christmas to get happy and do some stuff to help everyone. Just saying folks :)

Aside from that, Megan Washington is pretty damn awesome. Lulling me with her quirky lyrics and soul personality, you should really give her a listen folks, you'll love it;

Well just a quick little blog because I am heading off to friends for dinner, which will be exciting . :D

i am switzerland.

I am silent on this matter from now on, because I am switzerland. I have no team, I am my own matter.

I just don't understand why I am to blame? ? ?

But, to push that aside;

Yesterday was hysterical, we went on the slide a bazillion times and I fell off for the first time, it was awesome as. I fell of and was sliding on my bum and was enjoying it, and then Anna, who was still on the boat said,

"What happens when we go out?"
"You're gonna come out first and I'm gonna slam into you!"

She was right of course, i came out, all was good and then she flew right over me. Awesome.

I also jumped off the tower, which is good to do if you like having a wedgie and then getting that pushed up into your bum as you free fall for one second down a five metre drop or so.

Well, now i'm heading off to awesome land; church. HAVE FUN!! :)