In the latest Yen, i scored an awesome Laneway Loves CD!!!!

Yessssss! The 15 song CD contains retro songs by bands with names such as, World's End Press, Cut Copy, The Antlers, Les Savy Fan and Deerhunter. Some of the best hits ever, i am so totally in love.

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of awesomeness up. Taken by me, the extreme awesome one. And, as I have sadly mentioned, I HAVE FINISHED HARRY POTTER! My life is now in ruins because i have no life, but SEVERUS SNAPE FLIPPING DIED!

I'm going to name my son Severus, and I'm not even joking. He was so amazing and evil and kind and i'm going to cry.

So, back to the photo.:

I took this photo of my keyboard. It's edited, it was taken on my iphone, and it was edited by this program called insta.gram or something like that.

Peace and goodwill.

...life is a game and love is a riddle...

i can't blog, but i know i should.


i am up to number seven of Harry Potter! You have no idea how amazing the book is, it makes me smile and cry and dance and sing. I love ronald!

This brings me to an important topic, i guess. i have been noticing lately that girls have been saying they're so ugly etc just because a guy doesn't like them. A guy! Honestly! I have been known to go gaga over a guy, but putting yourself down is just not worth it, at this age you might think you love him but i seriously doubt you will run off and marry him. I don't want to sound mean but i just want girls to rethink what they say when they say, 'I'm so f****** ugly because he doesn't love me...' And how do you know he doesn't like you, anyway?

I have been betrayed by a guy recently, actually. Well that's a bit far, i have liked someone only to know he likes my other friend, which is a blow to the system but then I'm like, well who cares? I want a guy to like me for who i am, not because i wear make-up and am skinny and tan and swear and get drunk and go to parties.

I want guys to notice me because I'm smart, beautiful, kind, helpful, funny, shy but talkative when getting to know them. It's obviously pretty much impossible to be all that, but it's way easier then trying to be skinny, tan, make-up clad and hiding your true self or talking in a crude way.


trying to smuggle stuff.

i'm sorry i'm such a hypocrite.

Honestly, all the stuff that comes out of my mouth is rubbish. I know that i'm a hypocrite sometimes and i try not to be. This is a new year, and a new year means I will not be hypocritical and will not be jealous and swotty.

Anyway, I have spent a whole week away from my house in multiple zones; cousins, friends, grandma's. Yesterday was Mel's party and the whole Ace Gang (plus 2 more, oh and minus lara) where there to have a splash at the pool. After this we travelled to Mel's house where we proceeded to watch a completely dirty movie, quoting the words (austin powers) and just eating ice cream.

I love these girls loads because we don't give a damn and are the biggest nerds that ever lived. We did face masks and totally failed at them, and I know at school they don't get invited to cool parties because unlike cool people they actually care about each-other.

Wait, am i sounding hypocritical? Hope not,

Well i'm off. Cleaning. Fun.

I'm away laughing on a fast camel. x

dear someone i have drifted away from...n.14


There's so much distance between us now, and i figure it's totally awkward. But i still remember your horse party when we were little and how i almost fell off because i got caught on a stupid leaf, and how we combed each-others hair and how we were obssessed with horses. I remember how tall you are and how our mum's still talk, but we don't really ?

I guess you're someone i drifted away from and someone who I knew as a child, but i still miss you. I know that you don't give a damn and how your brother always played with my barbies. :)

just because everything's changing...

i am at my grandmas and sometimes she really annoys me.

With how she bought up my mum, she thinks its ok for us to be treated like that. And plus, she gets us to do everything for her. GRRRISHHHH.

Anyway, check out these bands. They are marvy. with knobs on. (As you can tell i am pretty obssesed by Georgia Nicolson, the gorgey merde fanatic)

They are adorable and sound like a golden gaytime eating itself while in a bath of roses.

He is amazingly cute, gentle, kind and his songs are amazing. My faveourite is Bright White Lights which is soft and slow and also amazing.

In FRANKIE i was learning some German...so here....

Wo ist meine Wurst ?

Cheers and good riddance

something borrowed...something new...

Guys, because of how totally forgetful i am i am going to miss someone. I just know it. Just comment with your/their name and if i miss you its because i love you more. This is just to show a little love .

Matid; Tidi, i love you because you are just so strong. You have been through so much and although sometimes you keep it hidden out sometimes it comes through. You and I haven't exactly been friends for all that long, but this year we've really bonded. I love our awesome monkey dances and how we both make fun of jordan. Oh and RED UNDIES!

Kate; kateyy i love you because you make me laugh and are so totally awesome. I love hanging out with you at school and how we have gotten closer. I remember at camp how we were all scared of that moth and it was massive and how i fell out of the bed and how you hogged all the blankets. I love how your parents are awesome and you're totally childish.

Shannon; shazza, you are my total babeaholic. i love our sleepovers and how we watched two girls one cup and were disgusted. I remember how we woke up at 3 in the morning for the netball thingy and it was really cold and I used your bike shorts and still have them. I know we're not as close as we were but i treasure what we had and I love our totally disgusting and random convos.

Tessa; you are a little flying bee and i love your smallness and your hair. We saw Harry Potter and i was laughing and crying and i love how you have such strange taste in music yet shout it out to the world. you are totally amazing and i'm glad i am friends with you.

Michelle; shelley, i love our phone convos and slurpy noises and how i kept asking you questions in the movie when you really wanted me to shut up. Remember we watched sweeney todd and we didnt know it was a musical? I love it how you and tessa both have totally random music tastes and i love how you are petty curvalicious. ;P aha.

Emily; argh how can i voice this? Remember how we danced for an hour on just dance and we danced to that russian song, chicken eyed joe, that totally weird indian song where i was the guy and that awesome gay jungle song? i love how we stay in touch and how at school we were the randomnessest people and it was like; em and dom, dom and em, emlem and domlom, and everyone knew us. i love you loads.

Sam; samlam, sammie, you make me happy. i love how you dress like you dont care and how you are so tall. Remember in salamander bay we took a bazillion photos and that stupid lady wouldnt let us share a changeroom? remember when we sung really badly to taylor swift and how i almost killed your brother ? Remember on new years eve how we hated that classical music and how i thought grandad was a pedo ?

Soph; you make me laugh and remember when we were little and all four of us were lined up in the bath tickling eachothers backs? or when it was new years eve and we woke up at like 11;00 and thought it was cool to hang out with the oldies, even though they were all drunk. i miss you heaps.

There's other friends who I've gained and lost, but save them for later.



Holidays are boring.

I can't to be in year eight....year eight is the year to be;

  • nerdy
  • cool
  • hyper
  • smart
  • kind
  • sensitive
  • funny
  • quiet
  • awesome,


sharks don't bite....right...?

Well, I'm back from camping. And can I just say;

First of all, I enjoyed it. Heaps. I loved the sunset and the crabs and the crystal clear waters and the dolphins! Most of all I loved the beach, where I actually went into the waves and got dunked very many times, I loved the massive shallow lake that had waves because of the wind! It was cold on arrival, but heated up quite perfectly on the second day. There was a pool (which was not camping experience) spiders, snakes, possums, a SHARK, dolphins (yay!) and crabs. In the night, when it was pitch black, we scurried onto the beach and searched for crabs. They scuttled around everywhere and they were cute!

Although it was amazingly fun every second, there was a scary JAWS like moment. We were all having fun in the patrolled beach; crisp white sand, heaps of waves, blue water etc etc. My uncle had told me that dolphins sometimes came into the water, so when there was a dark shape I wasn't too worried.

My brother, cousin and I were out back and couldn't heareveryone screaming at us, and when we finally did get it I was so scared I just couldn't move. Luckily, I did, and we came out and the lifeguards got on their little board and swam out. It was 30 minutes before we got back in again but I was still petrified. A shark!!! A real live eating, slimy, chewing, weird, grey shark!

Besides that, after that we went for some fish and chips and took a walk on the break wall, which is a boardwalk which goes what seems like forever, over this massive lake (which is really awesome and fun) and then ends at the ocean. On the left as you walk is a park for a few metres, than a beach, and on the right is the lake. My aunty was the first one to spot the dolphin, and they are amazing little creatures. Diving and swimming and so happy. We walked to the end, crouched on rocks and watched the creatures while munching on Heaven Macadamias.

Life's all good right about now. :)

30 Letter Challenge 2

My Crush
Hmm, I have several crushes, but I will probably do the one who I have loved for yonks...

DEAR You know who,
It's not fair to say you're my crush, because I picture you and I getting married. I love you.

Hey, I've known you for all my life, there is a photo of us kissing and holding hands, I'm pretty sure it's fair to say I love you.

But, you hardly notice me as anyone amazing. I mean, I'm the only girl you ever talk to, which is pretty cool. We hang out a lot, we play basketball and watch Simpsons and eat food, and every time I see you it's like a surge in me.

It hurts me that you are very popular and that most girls like you, but you're kind and sporty and shy and quiet and cute. I just want to say that someday, it must seem perfect that we will get married and have a future, because I'm sure our parents will agree.

30 Letter Challenge 1

Now, now, now. fIRST off, just a little snippet of my day;

I went shopping with emlem and samlam and we ate and sang and broke things accidently in david jones (it was just one bra hanger guys!) until we died. I laughed so hard a bit of ice cream came out of my mouth and landed on the hot dog/penis poster. :D

The 30 Day Letter Challenge has probably already passed, but I want to do it. The point is I won't be on here every 30 days, so I'm just going to do 30 Letter Challenge, which means I'm going to do the 30 Letters at random and whenever I want, so here's the start :)

My Best Friend
This is extremley difficult, as I honestly can't think of who my best friend is. A best friend is meant to stay forever, but sometimes they don't, I mean can a best friend be someone who was amazing for a few months then drifted away?

I'd have to say that alls fair, Dear Emily. I've known you since year 1, and I remember how you didn't like me at first and you hung out with Lara until I convinced you to include me. I love our random voices and that we crack up at anything, I love how you don't care about anything and how you're so tiny. I love how we went bra shopping and you were so excited because you fit an 8AA, and I love how at my old school we farted in Mr Mac's room ;P

I didn't like it when we fought in year 6, but I loved it how we made up and are now better than ever. I hate it how I never see you, and that I'm not involved in as much because of the distance, I love your voice and how random you are, I love it how we can talk about nothing.

I love how when we both liked Tom we sat down with him, told him and were so scared we ran away and avoided him all afternoon, until we decided we didn't like him anymore. I love it how we have a nerdy group which is the best damn group in the whole world, and I love it how you don't care about going to the beach party you weren't invited too.

I remember how in year 6 I didn't want to get changed in the PE rooms in front of everyone, so you sneaked down with me to the staff rooms and we got changed there, and how one time we were in there and we were really scared. I remember how I swam in your pool once and we made noodle rafts, which broke.

Most of all I love our wacky nicknames: domlom, emlem, emibem, emblem, flemhead, muffin, farty warty.

I miss you and love you Emlem <3

meg is awesome.

December. The month that strikes fear in all parent's hearts and joy in all kid's hearts.

The month where the most money is spent on Christmas presents, time at the shops and most electricity is used due to the heat and Christmas lights. The heat kicked in today, i really felt it. Ugh. But i am insanely in love with December, because it means Christmas and who is not happy about that??!!

There are a few people in the world who aren't though, homeless and poor people who can't afford presents or don't have a home to go too, i think that's when you need to look at the true meaning of Christmas to get happy and do some stuff to help everyone. Just saying folks :)

Aside from that, Megan Washington is pretty damn awesome. Lulling me with her quirky lyrics and soul personality, you should really give her a listen folks, you'll love it;

Well just a quick little blog because I am heading off to friends for dinner, which will be exciting . :D

i am switzerland.

I am silent on this matter from now on, because I am switzerland. I have no team, I am my own matter.

I just don't understand why I am to blame? ? ?

But, to push that aside;

Yesterday was hysterical, we went on the slide a bazillion times and I fell off for the first time, it was awesome as. I fell of and was sliding on my bum and was enjoying it, and then Anna, who was still on the boat said,

"What happens when we go out?"
"You're gonna come out first and I'm gonna slam into you!"

She was right of course, i came out, all was good and then she flew right over me. Awesome.

I also jumped off the tower, which is good to do if you like having a wedgie and then getting that pushed up into your bum as you free fall for one second down a five metre drop or so.

Well, now i'm heading off to awesome land; church. HAVE FUN!! :)

never abandon a friend

proverbs 27:10

Today, when just about everything in my life was going smoothly, something stuffed up. The person controlling the atmosphere pressed a button and a nuclear bomb took off. And it was my fault for texting; I should never have done that. I just get so stressed when there's fights because at my old school there was hardly any, and they were only small and silly. It's amazing to think that after all this while, i still haven't had one fight with my old school friends.

I'm not perfect either, and i think we all know that. But all good things come to an end, and before things get pretty they get ugly. Blah blah. I think in my last fights, God really helped me to pull through, and I hope He does know.

I'm not saying its all you, because it's not. You were ignoring me today, but I kind of understood that because I know about Tessa and Zanna, and I was hanging out with Zanna, but I figured that we could resolve this. I know honestly that it will sound bad but I am so hurt every time I see you and Tessa, not because I dislike Tessa but because I used to be that person.

I wasn't taking sides. I read all the Polyvore and listened to Michelle and I know she feels insanly guilty and sorry, and I do think that it was a bit weird for tessa to say they didn't have much to talk about. I try to talk to you guys, but no-one told me what was going on so I didn't have a clue!

I don't want to loose friends over this, and I'm not going into details or getting into sides, but i just want to say this:

The only true friends I've ever had in my lives, the ones who stood by me forever, i had to abandon because my dad decided to pull us out of that situation. I tried to find new friends, but maybe i just don't attract the right people, because every friendship failed. One of them went off and made new friends and texted about me behind my back and became little miss popular, the next completely ran away from me and abandoned me at the time i needed it most; school, because i was going to her school and she was excited, until she found out how much i had changed.

Friends don't stay forever, and its something that life doesn't teach you. You have to work hard, to keep friendships alive. Sometimes people just don't click, and that's ok. I went most of my high school life without friends, until someone came along.

Now, it seems stupid but isn't it easy to forgive and learn to walk past everything, to become friends again? It's not. It comes with pain and sadness, a sadness that no-one knows about, that cakes in your body and comes out in little gasps until it all bursts out. Pain like knowing your best friend made a new best friend and chooses boys over you, pain that you keep forgiving and forgetting to find another knife in your back, pain that they laugh and tease you and say its all a joke, but deep down it hurts?

I think I've moved past all that, because its happened to me too much. Right around me, all my friends are changing. Getting boyfriends, putting other things in front of them, and i so desperately want to be back at that old environment; the one where it was caring and loving and everyone knew everyone and there was no swearing or make-up.

I don't know exactly what I did wrong, I know that i stood by a friend but is that wrong, because you stood by Tessa as well, and I know Tessa's going through hard stuff but so are all of us, deep down. I'm sorry, for whatever I did, I'm sorry for being annoying and stupid and embarrassing, but most of all I'm sorry that you could let something as silly as this come between you. I don't mean to sound petty, but I never would have thought this would happen, and I am sorry because I did stuff up. And I'm not going to beg on my knees, because I did that before and it doesn't make a difference, I'm not in the wrong here, I'm just caught in the middle. I'm sorry for Tessa; she'll be in my prayers.

I just want to not be hurt anymore, for my friends to not hurt anymore, to be able to not have any drama. It's an impossible wish.

you can learn lots from metal work..

Yes, yes you can.

I learnt a few things today in metal work; that the grime and mess -that comes with bending an annoying piece of metal that is not bending and is causing your fingers to ache more than that time you jammed them in a shower door- is not easily removed. I found this after Kate 'accidently' smudged some brown sludge on my white shirt.

Very funny Kate, but at the same time, I had a hacksaw in my hand and was ready to slice your fresh skin open and consume your slippery organs-

I also learnt that our teacher is a bald old man who doesn't care about life. Yeah, suck that up Mr I Don't Care About My Student's Bladder Needs And Yell At Her Because She Wanted To Go Pee.

I also learnt that I'm completely annoyed about the whole *sigh* tessa and logan issue, I mean I understand she likes him but do we honestly have to care about boys??!!

This arvo I bought three mags; two Yens and one Frankie.
In one of the Yen, i was a lucky girl. A very lucky girl. there was a free totally awesome Laneway Festival CD in there, yes a CD!!!!! It contained a bunch of awesome tracks which i have been belting out since a few hours ago:

Roll Away Your Stone: by mumford and sons

No Turning Back: by sarah blasko

All The Kings Men: by wild beasts

Short Fuse: by black lips

Bright White Lights: by whitley

Turn Cold: by cut off your hands

The Night is Young at Heart: by dappled cities

Which Way to Go: by eddy current suppression ring

Christmas Worm's Quest for Fresh Apples: by danimals

Down to the Cemetery: by kid sam

sarah blasko; i.love.her.lots

camp :)

So I haven't been blogging for a while, just a quick update on lifee;

So on the weekend i went camping-and i'm talking about a totally awesome youth camp that was amazing in every aspect. we arrived at the campsite at around 9;00 in the night, which was a bit late. The car trip up was extremely fun and consisted of me asking the boys all these annoying questions and them being extremely annoyed, but mystified, by me. I was eventually accepted into their 'homie H' group. :)

When we got there, we clambered out of the car and i had a reunion with Tidi, Jordan, Kate and Tilly. Sim was in the car with me. We jumped up and down and tidi, kate, tilly and i were sharing a little caravan, which was tidi's. So we loaded our luggage into it and sorted out the beds. I bought a massive red suitcase, loaded with clothes which i didn't even wear, a green bag with lollies and books, a beach bag with swimmers and stuff and a massive bag that contained sheets and a pillow and an air bed which i didn't even know i had until the second night!

It was arranged so Tidi and i slept on the queen bed, kate slept on the double and Tilly slept on the single. we went to the bathroom, which was a long walk away and pretty scary in the night-time, considering we had to walk through bushes and crumbly gravel roads. On the way up there, (it was kate, tidi me and tilly) a bunch of drunk guys, crouched over a campfire, called out, "Hey bitches, what's up girls?" it was a really terrifying experience and we sprinted up to the bathrooms, we were still shaking!

The boys stayed in our caravan for a while, and we had a meeting with the youth around the campfire, and everything was good. In the morning we awoke to Jordan's annoying laugh and simi banging on our tent, so we got up and trailed around the campfire. Bacon and eggs were for breakkie, so we scooped up our tucker and ate with spirited conversations.

After breakfast, we went to our caravan to get changed into our swimmers. We met with the older boys on the way and chatted, and i picked up the annoying habit of saying 'awesome' in a high pitched voice:
'I'm awesome, this is awesome, we're awesome, because it's...awesome!'

Kate gave us the idea of using coloured zinc to draw on our faces and colour our lips, so we went out like that and made a style statement (:
After devotions and a few chats here and there, we were off to the beach! The beach is hard to explain, because of how awesome it was, just try to picture this: there was a narrow, shrubbery trail that led out towards a sandy, sheltered with trees area. You couldn't see the water but you could smell the salt so you knew you were there. There were trees dotted everywhere, and as you walked along, the trees dispersed and suddenly you saw these mounds of sandhills and this really dense forest, and between the hills and grass you could see the water. The crystal blue water stretched on forever, the waves were reasonable and the sand was white. There was a little mini rain forest opposite the water, which we founded as 'our spot.' The only other people on the beach were these group of gay guys, which was pretty funny.

The water was freezing, but, unlike other beaches, it was quite deep close to the shore, so a few metres in and i was already up to my shoulders. There was no big frothy white waves, it was a calm private beach and really serene. I went out pretty far because the waves just sort of gently tossed you about. it was beautiful.

there was this MASSIVE rock face next to the beach, about 100 or so metres high. There was a strip of shallow water separating it from the beach and the rocks, and Ben, Sim, Tidi, Kate, Tilly and i ploughed over and climbed it. Kate, ben and i only climbed about three metres and rested on the cool rocks, gazing over the beach. However, the rest of the daredevils climbed all the way to the top, where there was a green paddock.

We stayed at the beach for ages, until lunch, and then we trooped back. Lunch was hot dogs and they were delicious, i sat on Tidi's lap the whole time. After lunch i think we just chilled around, talked to the boys and rested. Tidi read for a bit, but mostly we just hung out. At around 4;30 it was announced that we were all heading over to the beach to play a game! The game was awesome, you were separated into two teams and you hid a treasure somewhere along the sandunes or in the bushes, which were low shrubs. Then you had to sneak about and try to find the other team's treasure without getting tipped. The sandunes/hills/bush/forest was massive, so i crawled about, hid under trees and pressed myself against the hills. It was fun, at times i just gave up and lie on the sand, basking in the warm sun and playing with soft ferns.

After this, we jumped into the beach, which was even more freezing than last time because it was beginning to get dark, but still just as fun. We didn't bother to put sunscreen on because the sun was setting, and at this James called out, "Haven't you guys heard of moon tanning?" which cracked us up.

Dinner was delicious potatoes in jackets and lamb roast, and banana boats for dessert. After dinner, we trailed down to the showers, which were pretty gross, but ok. We spent the rest of the night lazing in the tent, cracking up at jordan's stupidity and just being awesome.

The next morning was the same routine: breakfast (pancakes) chill out, then one last beach stop. When we got back from the beach, there were these people having a birthday party and dressed up like animals, and they were really funny. We had a shower, talked, had some breadsticks for lunch, packed up and were out of there.

It was long, and if you didnt bother to read it thats ok, there was so much more but i couldn't include it because it would have taken 20 pages!

Better (:

If I kiss you where it's sore If I kiss you where it's sore Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all.

Ugh. I'm sick of guys. Honestly. All they do is rip your heart out and then stomp on it until you're gasping on the ground with blood flooding out of you.

Boys are inconsiderate bastards, and i learnt this the hard way. at our school dance a few nights ago, my one true crush (or so i thought, let's call him cherry) was happily skidding about with his mates. Ignoring the drunken turmoil and couples hooking up and grinding everywhere, Brit and I stumbled around, trying to find him, with Holly (who also used to like him) tagging closely behind. We saw him, and the second we did it was like he punched us. Just as Break you Heart came on (hate that song) we spotted him, clutching other girls bodies and slimy twisting around them, holding their hips and boobs and acting like he was the freakin king of the world. I mean did he not see us stalking him, squealing when he touched us, does he not notice that i ALWAYS stare at him! He can at least return the favour my looking at me!

Well stuff him anyway, we don't need him. Now i can focus on other people, like K and B and anyone else...but how come whenever i see cherry my mind explodes and my heart beats like a drum, and i feel as though nothing can compare to him??!!

Urgh. i'm done with them, absolutely done.

But to finish on a positive note: holy moley this is the awesomest news everrr! Well there's two awesome news, actually three:

  1. Ok so i was watching The Block with mum, and unsuspectingly, a REGINA SPEKTOR SONG CAME ON!! like, ok you may be thinking, wow she's getting a little excited there. But come on! Regina Spektor is like never played on tv or radio, and Better was playing! So ok, they didn't even play the words and only used the beginning part, but it was awesome!!
  2. I had a hearing test today, a slight loss of hearing in one ear, but the rest is fine! Yay!
  3. I'm entering NaNoWriMo, the writing competition! Yay!! I have written 2317 words of my story, out of 50, 00 so lets just hope i win!

Polyyvoree Mini Editor-use!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

So this is kinda vintage and definitely what i think Regina Spektor would wear...please do it! i would thank you a million!



Things i hate about my life:

  • The guy i am insanley in love with (just ask tessa, shelly or Shannon!) thinks i am a retard and/or possibly worse.
  • I'm hungry all the time!
  • I'm annoyed about the fact that its out of uniform and my style is a bit crooked and quirky for people to handle...

Best Movies of All Time:

  • Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn!)
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Gentlemen Broncos
  • Tomorrow When the War Began

Things i love about my life:

  • My friends! You guys rock, and know who you are :)
  • My family, as much as their annoying, their pretty daamn awesome.
  • Everything else xD

Weird cupcake things ?

There was a girl
Who used to be my best friend
And i was excited
Cos i was gonna see her more
She told me she hates me
And that I've changed
And we fought
Now she thinks we're ok
Well, we're not.
Everyone else likes you
And i dont hate you
Thats wrong
But i just think its better if we didnt



So here is my inspiration for today, and these pictures have helped me with my feelings. My writing and design have come majorly from these pictures today, so they might be a little sad or lost, but enjoy. Most of them are from we heart it and polyvore

Musings && Steph Bowe

So I was flipping through the latest (I think) issue of Girlfriend (yes I do read normal magazines!) and I started reading an article about Steph Bowe, a young author who wrote the book Girl Saves Boy at just 16. Now I haven't actually had a chance to read the book, but it sounds amazing: all about a boy who has cancer, who meets a girl who changes her life.

Now there are a few reasons why I love her:

1. Because I ADORE writing and really really extra truly want to get a book published (yeahhh, as if)

2. Her blog has inspiration pictures. Inspirational pics guys!

3. She sounds really down to earth and awesome.

4. She's flipping Australian! Shouldn't that be a good reason enough??!!

I am hoping that our local library has a copy, because I am so sure I will enjoy it. And, as soon as I read it I'll write a review and send a link to her, because I care. (:

My Playlist;; Monday 13th Sep 2010

I'm in a sad mood after Skiff died (read below) so the tunes are not exactly mellow happy, but are pretty great as well. Of course, Regina Spektor is included. Wow how I love how she's helped me.

Dead and Gone :(

I am writing this to inform you guys that, out of all the things that could have happened, my cat died. It was a very sudden car accident, and before I knew it, Skiffy, the love of my life was lying cold and dead on the side of the road.

She is so bright and colourful and loves life to the extreme, and she is a kitten of my other cat so we have known her from the very start. It didn't seem like she was ever going to die, the way she constantly ran around and around and never once got so much as screeched at by drivers, swerving to avoid her.

I miss her so much, but luckily an amazing friend of ours came and dug a grave out the back. She's burried underneath our massive old Mulberry tree, in a bushy clump sheltered by leaves. It was one of her favourite places to hang out, and I'm sure that she'll enjoy it, wherever Cat Heaven is.

My only worry is, and mum's, is that dogs will sniff her out, come into the yard and dig her up, eat her and then maul my other two cats. This being very precious Bangs and Skiff's mother, Tiffany. I am going over to her grave tomorrow to give her flowers, and I really do pray that she'll be protected.

All I can say is, that when something really bad happens to you, and you ponder God's exsistence and if he even cares about you, and then he fills you up with the most amazing feelings ever, and everything is okay for once.

Coming from afar

It's like forgetting the words to your favourite song
You can't believe it, you were always singing along.

So here I am, sitting listening to Regina Spektor, as always. She pretty much keeps my heart beating on a daily basis, isn't that sad?

I ran into a family who we are best friends with today, and it was painful mostly. Obviously, it was happy and exciting, but painful because I was just so missing them deeply. Her son is the most amazing friend I have ever had and I haven't seen them for so long...it's just so hard.

It makes me want to just push forward the issue of staying close to your friends, because their so amazing. I am really missing them all and seeing them today just made my heart burst.

i miss you guys xo

What's in my handbag? (i swear!)

Okay, so I just wanted to clear a few questions before we got started. Why would I have a 'handbag?' Well the truth is, being the extremley sophisticated one I am, mine is not such a handbag as to a brown shoulder bag (v.i.n.t.a.g.e) from an op shop. Same thing. Also, the only reason I am carrying this around on a Sunday is because I went to the markets (as briefly stated before) and these are the very few items I carried before the heavy load of girls annuals and Bobbsey Twins.

  • Lucas Papaw Ointment (it was cold and my lips were chapped ok!)
  • Phone
  • Pocket Sunflowers Spritz On (by Elizabeth Arden)
  • Sunglasses (from an op shop-vintage black ones with gold frames, me likey)
  • Tissues (it was cold and my nose was runny!)
  • Camera (to take pics of awesomly vintage things which my budget wouldn't allow)
  • One blue and black flower earring (don't ask me...?)

So there it was. I hope it wasn't too boring or normal for your likes. I hope to think I am normal, yet people exceed me and make me feel like a strange, obssessed creapo.

I think im in love

What is it this time? I hear you ask...well...I may as well tell you.
Today I went to the markets with heather, and I think the markets is pretty much what I imagined heaven to look like. I fell in love with oversized bags, pretty clutches, droopy eyed puppes and VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE!!

So I grabbed a few little vintage books and a hell of a lotta other stuff:
  • Ideal Book for Girls
  • Girl's Crystal Annual 1961
  • The Surprise Book for Girls
  • The Bobbsey Twins Annual
  • The Daily Mail Girls Annual

This books are all colourful and pretty and cute and vintage and they are wearing me down! I'm in a vintage overload! Plus I also grabbed some nanny looking cards and um...well...do I have to say...OK....A CABBAGE PATCH DOLL!

Because I can! And because they are soooooooooooooooo cute! I always wanted one to keep in my room (which is a cluttered vintage madhouse) and prune and cradle and call my own. Her name is Giselle and she is beautiful.

Mags I have been-flipping-through-since-mum-took-me-shopping-and-I-found-my-old-stack-of-vintage-like-reads:

  • Frankie
  • Yen
  • Vogue Australia
  • Shop Till You Drop
  • Girlfriend
  • Teen Vogue
  • Oyster

So there is it, a random entry about my day because I am in total love with everything right now. I am going to crawl up with "Girls Annual," and read about pretty girls and perfect lives with cold lemonade and a blanket. So vintage.


So i've been on it for yonks and i left, and when i came back on there was a girl from america who had been like my pen pal for years, who missed me.

AWWWWW. Major guilt. So that set in and then i found my inspirtation and courage to create a new, ah-mahzing set that definitley perfected my feelings. So add me right now otherwise some giant alien fish will come out and soak up your insides. Just add me little darlings.

As always,

Dj (domlom) xx

Regina Spektor- Fidelity (ahmazing :)

I'm in love!!

One cold, bleak Saturday, mum suggested we go to the video store. So we did, and because I was so bored, i got a dvd.

500 Days of Summer.

If you honestly havent seen it, you are terrible. Your are worse than a cow pat. There are many great reasons why it's amazing, but I'll tell you a few of my faves ;;

- It has Zooey Deschanel from She and Him in it (gasp!)
- It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it, who is just about the cutest and coolest guy alive.
- The Soundtrack is pretty damn amazing.

1. Story of Boy Meets Girl - Mychael Danna,

2. Us - Regina Spektor

3. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

4. Bad Kids

5. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

6. There Goes the Fear

7. You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates

8. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

9. Quelqu'un M'A Dit - Carla Bruni

10. Mushaboom

11. Hero - Regina Spektor

12. Bookends - Simon & Garfunkel

13. Vagabond - Wolfmother

14. She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra

15. Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith

16. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - She & Him

So the movie is pretty much about a guy, who meets a girl, Summer, who is beautiful and whom everyone loves. And Summer doesn't want anything serious, all she wants is a fun relationship, and she doesn't believe in love. But he does.

It goes on to tell the story of how they came to be and its so cute! It made me laugh and cry equally the same.

i made cookies!

Very simple cookies, made using the recipe off the crunchy honey nut cornflakes packet, and they are YUM!!

ok, so they don't look the best, but they are melt-in-your-mouth-sensations, and they are yum. yum yum yum.

have i said that enough???