Dead and Gone :(

I am writing this to inform you guys that, out of all the things that could have happened, my cat died. It was a very sudden car accident, and before I knew it, Skiffy, the love of my life was lying cold and dead on the side of the road.

She is so bright and colourful and loves life to the extreme, and she is a kitten of my other cat so we have known her from the very start. It didn't seem like she was ever going to die, the way she constantly ran around and around and never once got so much as screeched at by drivers, swerving to avoid her.

I miss her so much, but luckily an amazing friend of ours came and dug a grave out the back. She's burried underneath our massive old Mulberry tree, in a bushy clump sheltered by leaves. It was one of her favourite places to hang out, and I'm sure that she'll enjoy it, wherever Cat Heaven is.

My only worry is, and mum's, is that dogs will sniff her out, come into the yard and dig her up, eat her and then maul my other two cats. This being very precious Bangs and Skiff's mother, Tiffany. I am going over to her grave tomorrow to give her flowers, and I really do pray that she'll be protected.

All I can say is, that when something really bad happens to you, and you ponder God's exsistence and if he even cares about you, and then he fills you up with the most amazing feelings ever, and everything is okay for once.

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