Better (:

If I kiss you where it's sore If I kiss you where it's sore Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all.

Ugh. I'm sick of guys. Honestly. All they do is rip your heart out and then stomp on it until you're gasping on the ground with blood flooding out of you.

Boys are inconsiderate bastards, and i learnt this the hard way. at our school dance a few nights ago, my one true crush (or so i thought, let's call him cherry) was happily skidding about with his mates. Ignoring the drunken turmoil and couples hooking up and grinding everywhere, Brit and I stumbled around, trying to find him, with Holly (who also used to like him) tagging closely behind. We saw him, and the second we did it was like he punched us. Just as Break you Heart came on (hate that song) we spotted him, clutching other girls bodies and slimy twisting around them, holding their hips and boobs and acting like he was the freakin king of the world. I mean did he not see us stalking him, squealing when he touched us, does he not notice that i ALWAYS stare at him! He can at least return the favour my looking at me!

Well stuff him anyway, we don't need him. Now i can focus on other people, like K and B and anyone else...but how come whenever i see cherry my mind explodes and my heart beats like a drum, and i feel as though nothing can compare to him??!!

Urgh. i'm done with them, absolutely done.

But to finish on a positive note: holy moley this is the awesomest news everrr! Well there's two awesome news, actually three:

  1. Ok so i was watching The Block with mum, and unsuspectingly, a REGINA SPEKTOR SONG CAME ON!! like, ok you may be thinking, wow she's getting a little excited there. But come on! Regina Spektor is like never played on tv or radio, and Better was playing! So ok, they didn't even play the words and only used the beginning part, but it was awesome!!
  2. I had a hearing test today, a slight loss of hearing in one ear, but the rest is fine! Yay!
  3. I'm entering NaNoWriMo, the writing competition! Yay!! I have written 2317 words of my story, out of 50, 00 so lets just hope i win!

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