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So I haven't been blogging for a while, just a quick update on lifee;

So on the weekend i went camping-and i'm talking about a totally awesome youth camp that was amazing in every aspect. we arrived at the campsite at around 9;00 in the night, which was a bit late. The car trip up was extremely fun and consisted of me asking the boys all these annoying questions and them being extremely annoyed, but mystified, by me. I was eventually accepted into their 'homie H' group. :)

When we got there, we clambered out of the car and i had a reunion with Tidi, Jordan, Kate and Tilly. Sim was in the car with me. We jumped up and down and tidi, kate, tilly and i were sharing a little caravan, which was tidi's. So we loaded our luggage into it and sorted out the beds. I bought a massive red suitcase, loaded with clothes which i didn't even wear, a green bag with lollies and books, a beach bag with swimmers and stuff and a massive bag that contained sheets and a pillow and an air bed which i didn't even know i had until the second night!

It was arranged so Tidi and i slept on the queen bed, kate slept on the double and Tilly slept on the single. we went to the bathroom, which was a long walk away and pretty scary in the night-time, considering we had to walk through bushes and crumbly gravel roads. On the way up there, (it was kate, tidi me and tilly) a bunch of drunk guys, crouched over a campfire, called out, "Hey bitches, what's up girls?" it was a really terrifying experience and we sprinted up to the bathrooms, we were still shaking!

The boys stayed in our caravan for a while, and we had a meeting with the youth around the campfire, and everything was good. In the morning we awoke to Jordan's annoying laugh and simi banging on our tent, so we got up and trailed around the campfire. Bacon and eggs were for breakkie, so we scooped up our tucker and ate with spirited conversations.

After breakfast, we went to our caravan to get changed into our swimmers. We met with the older boys on the way and chatted, and i picked up the annoying habit of saying 'awesome' in a high pitched voice:
'I'm awesome, this is awesome, we're awesome, because it's...awesome!'

Kate gave us the idea of using coloured zinc to draw on our faces and colour our lips, so we went out like that and made a style statement (:
After devotions and a few chats here and there, we were off to the beach! The beach is hard to explain, because of how awesome it was, just try to picture this: there was a narrow, shrubbery trail that led out towards a sandy, sheltered with trees area. You couldn't see the water but you could smell the salt so you knew you were there. There were trees dotted everywhere, and as you walked along, the trees dispersed and suddenly you saw these mounds of sandhills and this really dense forest, and between the hills and grass you could see the water. The crystal blue water stretched on forever, the waves were reasonable and the sand was white. There was a little mini rain forest opposite the water, which we founded as 'our spot.' The only other people on the beach were these group of gay guys, which was pretty funny.

The water was freezing, but, unlike other beaches, it was quite deep close to the shore, so a few metres in and i was already up to my shoulders. There was no big frothy white waves, it was a calm private beach and really serene. I went out pretty far because the waves just sort of gently tossed you about. it was beautiful.

there was this MASSIVE rock face next to the beach, about 100 or so metres high. There was a strip of shallow water separating it from the beach and the rocks, and Ben, Sim, Tidi, Kate, Tilly and i ploughed over and climbed it. Kate, ben and i only climbed about three metres and rested on the cool rocks, gazing over the beach. However, the rest of the daredevils climbed all the way to the top, where there was a green paddock.

We stayed at the beach for ages, until lunch, and then we trooped back. Lunch was hot dogs and they were delicious, i sat on Tidi's lap the whole time. After lunch i think we just chilled around, talked to the boys and rested. Tidi read for a bit, but mostly we just hung out. At around 4;30 it was announced that we were all heading over to the beach to play a game! The game was awesome, you were separated into two teams and you hid a treasure somewhere along the sandunes or in the bushes, which were low shrubs. Then you had to sneak about and try to find the other team's treasure without getting tipped. The sandunes/hills/bush/forest was massive, so i crawled about, hid under trees and pressed myself against the hills. It was fun, at times i just gave up and lie on the sand, basking in the warm sun and playing with soft ferns.

After this, we jumped into the beach, which was even more freezing than last time because it was beginning to get dark, but still just as fun. We didn't bother to put sunscreen on because the sun was setting, and at this James called out, "Haven't you guys heard of moon tanning?" which cracked us up.

Dinner was delicious potatoes in jackets and lamb roast, and banana boats for dessert. After dinner, we trailed down to the showers, which were pretty gross, but ok. We spent the rest of the night lazing in the tent, cracking up at jordan's stupidity and just being awesome.

The next morning was the same routine: breakfast (pancakes) chill out, then one last beach stop. When we got back from the beach, there were these people having a birthday party and dressed up like animals, and they were really funny. We had a shower, talked, had some breadsticks for lunch, packed up and were out of there.

It was long, and if you didnt bother to read it thats ok, there was so much more but i couldn't include it because it would have taken 20 pages!

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