What's in my handbag? (i swear!)

Okay, so I just wanted to clear a few questions before we got started. Why would I have a 'handbag?' Well the truth is, being the extremley sophisticated one I am, mine is not such a handbag as to a brown shoulder bag (v.i.n.t.a.g.e) from an op shop. Same thing. Also, the only reason I am carrying this around on a Sunday is because I went to the markets (as briefly stated before) and these are the very few items I carried before the heavy load of girls annuals and Bobbsey Twins.

  • Lucas Papaw Ointment (it was cold and my lips were chapped ok!)
  • Phone
  • Pocket Sunflowers Spritz On (by Elizabeth Arden)
  • Sunglasses (from an op shop-vintage black ones with gold frames, me likey)
  • Tissues (it was cold and my nose was runny!)
  • Camera (to take pics of awesomly vintage things which my budget wouldn't allow)
  • One blue and black flower earring (don't ask me...?)

So there it was. I hope it wasn't too boring or normal for your likes. I hope to think I am normal, yet people exceed me and make me feel like a strange, obssessed creapo.

I think im in love

What is it this time? I hear you ask...well...I may as well tell you.
Today I went to the markets with heather, and I think the markets is pretty much what I imagined heaven to look like. I fell in love with oversized bags, pretty clutches, droopy eyed puppes and VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE!!

So I grabbed a few little vintage books and a hell of a lotta other stuff:
  • Ideal Book for Girls
  • Girl's Crystal Annual 1961
  • The Surprise Book for Girls
  • The Bobbsey Twins Annual
  • The Daily Mail Girls Annual

This books are all colourful and pretty and cute and vintage and they are wearing me down! I'm in a vintage overload! Plus I also grabbed some nanny looking cards and um...well...do I have to say...OK....A CABBAGE PATCH DOLL!

Because I can! And because they are soooooooooooooooo cute! I always wanted one to keep in my room (which is a cluttered vintage madhouse) and prune and cradle and call my own. Her name is Giselle and she is beautiful.

Mags I have been-flipping-through-since-mum-took-me-shopping-and-I-found-my-old-stack-of-vintage-like-reads:

  • Frankie
  • Yen
  • Vogue Australia
  • Shop Till You Drop
  • Girlfriend
  • Teen Vogue
  • Oyster

So there is it, a random entry about my day because I am in total love with everything right now. I am going to crawl up with "Girls Annual," and read about pretty girls and perfect lives with cold lemonade and a blanket. So vintage.


So i've been on it for yonks and i left, and when i came back on there was a girl from america who had been like my pen pal for years, who missed me.

AWWWWW. Major guilt. So that set in and then i found my inspirtation and courage to create a new, ah-mahzing set that definitley perfected my feelings. So add me right now otherwise some giant alien fish will come out and soak up your insides. Just add me little darlings.

As always,

Dj (domlom) xx