something borrowed...something new...

Guys, because of how totally forgetful i am i am going to miss someone. I just know it. Just comment with your/their name and if i miss you its because i love you more. This is just to show a little love .

Matid; Tidi, i love you because you are just so strong. You have been through so much and although sometimes you keep it hidden out sometimes it comes through. You and I haven't exactly been friends for all that long, but this year we've really bonded. I love our awesome monkey dances and how we both make fun of jordan. Oh and RED UNDIES!

Kate; kateyy i love you because you make me laugh and are so totally awesome. I love hanging out with you at school and how we have gotten closer. I remember at camp how we were all scared of that moth and it was massive and how i fell out of the bed and how you hogged all the blankets. I love how your parents are awesome and you're totally childish.

Shannon; shazza, you are my total babeaholic. i love our sleepovers and how we watched two girls one cup and were disgusted. I remember how we woke up at 3 in the morning for the netball thingy and it was really cold and I used your bike shorts and still have them. I know we're not as close as we were but i treasure what we had and I love our totally disgusting and random convos.

Tessa; you are a little flying bee and i love your smallness and your hair. We saw Harry Potter and i was laughing and crying and i love how you have such strange taste in music yet shout it out to the world. you are totally amazing and i'm glad i am friends with you.

Michelle; shelley, i love our phone convos and slurpy noises and how i kept asking you questions in the movie when you really wanted me to shut up. Remember we watched sweeney todd and we didnt know it was a musical? I love it how you and tessa both have totally random music tastes and i love how you are petty curvalicious. ;P aha.

Emily; argh how can i voice this? Remember how we danced for an hour on just dance and we danced to that russian song, chicken eyed joe, that totally weird indian song where i was the guy and that awesome gay jungle song? i love how we stay in touch and how at school we were the randomnessest people and it was like; em and dom, dom and em, emlem and domlom, and everyone knew us. i love you loads.

Sam; samlam, sammie, you make me happy. i love how you dress like you dont care and how you are so tall. Remember in salamander bay we took a bazillion photos and that stupid lady wouldnt let us share a changeroom? remember when we sung really badly to taylor swift and how i almost killed your brother ? Remember on new years eve how we hated that classical music and how i thought grandad was a pedo ?

Soph; you make me laugh and remember when we were little and all four of us were lined up in the bath tickling eachothers backs? or when it was new years eve and we woke up at like 11;00 and thought it was cool to hang out with the oldies, even though they were all drunk. i miss you heaps.

There's other friends who I've gained and lost, but save them for later.

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