trying to smuggle stuff.

i'm sorry i'm such a hypocrite.

Honestly, all the stuff that comes out of my mouth is rubbish. I know that i'm a hypocrite sometimes and i try not to be. This is a new year, and a new year means I will not be hypocritical and will not be jealous and swotty.

Anyway, I have spent a whole week away from my house in multiple zones; cousins, friends, grandma's. Yesterday was Mel's party and the whole Ace Gang (plus 2 more, oh and minus lara) where there to have a splash at the pool. After this we travelled to Mel's house where we proceeded to watch a completely dirty movie, quoting the words (austin powers) and just eating ice cream.

I love these girls loads because we don't give a damn and are the biggest nerds that ever lived. We did face masks and totally failed at them, and I know at school they don't get invited to cool parties because unlike cool people they actually care about each-other.

Wait, am i sounding hypocritical? Hope not,

Well i'm off. Cleaning. Fun.

I'm away laughing on a fast camel. x

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