In the latest Yen, i scored an awesome Laneway Loves CD!!!!

Yessssss! The 15 song CD contains retro songs by bands with names such as, World's End Press, Cut Copy, The Antlers, Les Savy Fan and Deerhunter. Some of the best hits ever, i am so totally in love.

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of awesomeness up. Taken by me, the extreme awesome one. And, as I have sadly mentioned, I HAVE FINISHED HARRY POTTER! My life is now in ruins because i have no life, but SEVERUS SNAPE FLIPPING DIED!

I'm going to name my son Severus, and I'm not even joking. He was so amazing and evil and kind and i'm going to cry.

So, back to the photo.:

I took this photo of my keyboard. It's edited, it was taken on my iphone, and it was edited by this program called insta.gram or something like that.

Peace and goodwill.

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