...life is a game and love is a riddle...

i can't blog, but i know i should.


i am up to number seven of Harry Potter! You have no idea how amazing the book is, it makes me smile and cry and dance and sing. I love ronald!

This brings me to an important topic, i guess. i have been noticing lately that girls have been saying they're so ugly etc just because a guy doesn't like them. A guy! Honestly! I have been known to go gaga over a guy, but putting yourself down is just not worth it, at this age you might think you love him but i seriously doubt you will run off and marry him. I don't want to sound mean but i just want girls to rethink what they say when they say, 'I'm so f****** ugly because he doesn't love me...' And how do you know he doesn't like you, anyway?

I have been betrayed by a guy recently, actually. Well that's a bit far, i have liked someone only to know he likes my other friend, which is a blow to the system but then I'm like, well who cares? I want a guy to like me for who i am, not because i wear make-up and am skinny and tan and swear and get drunk and go to parties.

I want guys to notice me because I'm smart, beautiful, kind, helpful, funny, shy but talkative when getting to know them. It's obviously pretty much impossible to be all that, but it's way easier then trying to be skinny, tan, make-up clad and hiding your true self or talking in a crude way.




  2. i'm pretty sure he likes matid, maybe. i dunno. but maybe it's not about him...<3 <3 <3