you can learn lots from metal work..

Yes, yes you can.

I learnt a few things today in metal work; that the grime and mess -that comes with bending an annoying piece of metal that is not bending and is causing your fingers to ache more than that time you jammed them in a shower door- is not easily removed. I found this after Kate 'accidently' smudged some brown sludge on my white shirt.

Very funny Kate, but at the same time, I had a hacksaw in my hand and was ready to slice your fresh skin open and consume your slippery organs-

I also learnt that our teacher is a bald old man who doesn't care about life. Yeah, suck that up Mr I Don't Care About My Student's Bladder Needs And Yell At Her Because She Wanted To Go Pee.

I also learnt that I'm completely annoyed about the whole *sigh* tessa and logan issue, I mean I understand she likes him but do we honestly have to care about boys??!!

This arvo I bought three mags; two Yens and one Frankie.
In one of the Yen, i was a lucky girl. A very lucky girl. there was a free totally awesome Laneway Festival CD in there, yes a CD!!!!! It contained a bunch of awesome tracks which i have been belting out since a few hours ago:

Roll Away Your Stone: by mumford and sons

No Turning Back: by sarah blasko

All The Kings Men: by wild beasts

Short Fuse: by black lips

Bright White Lights: by whitley

Turn Cold: by cut off your hands

The Night is Young at Heart: by dappled cities

Which Way to Go: by eddy current suppression ring

Christmas Worm's Quest for Fresh Apples: by danimals

Down to the Cemetery: by kid sam

sarah blasko;

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