30 Letter Challenge 1

Now, now, now. fIRST off, just a little snippet of my day;

I went shopping with emlem and samlam and we ate and sang and broke things accidently in david jones (it was just one bra hanger guys!) until we died. I laughed so hard a bit of ice cream came out of my mouth and landed on the hot dog/penis poster. :D

The 30 Day Letter Challenge has probably already passed, but I want to do it. The point is I won't be on here every 30 days, so I'm just going to do 30 Letter Challenge, which means I'm going to do the 30 Letters at random and whenever I want, so here's the start :)

My Best Friend
This is extremley difficult, as I honestly can't think of who my best friend is. A best friend is meant to stay forever, but sometimes they don't, I mean can a best friend be someone who was amazing for a few months then drifted away?

I'd have to say that alls fair, Dear Emily. I've known you since year 1, and I remember how you didn't like me at first and you hung out with Lara until I convinced you to include me. I love our random voices and that we crack up at anything, I love how you don't care about anything and how you're so tiny. I love how we went bra shopping and you were so excited because you fit an 8AA, and I love how at my old school we farted in Mr Mac's room ;P

I didn't like it when we fought in year 6, but I loved it how we made up and are now better than ever. I hate it how I never see you, and that I'm not involved in as much because of the distance, I love your voice and how random you are, I love it how we can talk about nothing.

I love how when we both liked Tom we sat down with him, told him and were so scared we ran away and avoided him all afternoon, until we decided we didn't like him anymore. I love it how we have a nerdy group which is the best damn group in the whole world, and I love it how you don't care about going to the beach party you weren't invited too.

I remember how in year 6 I didn't want to get changed in the PE rooms in front of everyone, so you sneaked down with me to the staff rooms and we got changed there, and how one time we were in there and we were really scared. I remember how I swam in your pool once and we made noodle rafts, which broke.

Most of all I love our wacky nicknames: domlom, emlem, emibem, emblem, flemhead, muffin, farty warty.

I miss you and love you Emlem <3

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