meg is awesome.

December. The month that strikes fear in all parent's hearts and joy in all kid's hearts.

The month where the most money is spent on Christmas presents, time at the shops and most electricity is used due to the heat and Christmas lights. The heat kicked in today, i really felt it. Ugh. But i am insanely in love with December, because it means Christmas and who is not happy about that??!!

There are a few people in the world who aren't though, homeless and poor people who can't afford presents or don't have a home to go too, i think that's when you need to look at the true meaning of Christmas to get happy and do some stuff to help everyone. Just saying folks :)

Aside from that, Megan Washington is pretty damn awesome. Lulling me with her quirky lyrics and soul personality, you should really give her a listen folks, you'll love it;

Well just a quick little blog because I am heading off to friends for dinner, which will be exciting . :D

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