30 Letter Challenge 2

My Crush
Hmm, I have several crushes, but I will probably do the one who I have loved for yonks...

DEAR You know who,
It's not fair to say you're my crush, because I picture you and I getting married. I love you.

Hey, I've known you for all my life, there is a photo of us kissing and holding hands, I'm pretty sure it's fair to say I love you.

But, you hardly notice me as anyone amazing. I mean, I'm the only girl you ever talk to, which is pretty cool. We hang out a lot, we play basketball and watch Simpsons and eat food, and every time I see you it's like a surge in me.

It hurts me that you are very popular and that most girls like you, but you're kind and sporty and shy and quiet and cute. I just want to say that someday, it must seem perfect that we will get married and have a future, because I'm sure our parents will agree.

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