sharks don't bite....right...?

Well, I'm back from camping. And can I just say;

First of all, I enjoyed it. Heaps. I loved the sunset and the crabs and the crystal clear waters and the dolphins! Most of all I loved the beach, where I actually went into the waves and got dunked very many times, I loved the massive shallow lake that had waves because of the wind! It was cold on arrival, but heated up quite perfectly on the second day. There was a pool (which was not camping experience) spiders, snakes, possums, a SHARK, dolphins (yay!) and crabs. In the night, when it was pitch black, we scurried onto the beach and searched for crabs. They scuttled around everywhere and they were cute!

Although it was amazingly fun every second, there was a scary JAWS like moment. We were all having fun in the patrolled beach; crisp white sand, heaps of waves, blue water etc etc. My uncle had told me that dolphins sometimes came into the water, so when there was a dark shape I wasn't too worried.

My brother, cousin and I were out back and couldn't heareveryone screaming at us, and when we finally did get it I was so scared I just couldn't move. Luckily, I did, and we came out and the lifeguards got on their little board and swam out. It was 30 minutes before we got back in again but I was still petrified. A shark!!! A real live eating, slimy, chewing, weird, grey shark!

Besides that, after that we went for some fish and chips and took a walk on the break wall, which is a boardwalk which goes what seems like forever, over this massive lake (which is really awesome and fun) and then ends at the ocean. On the left as you walk is a park for a few metres, than a beach, and on the right is the lake. My aunty was the first one to spot the dolphin, and they are amazing little creatures. Diving and swimming and so happy. We walked to the end, crouched on rocks and watched the creatures while munching on Heaven Macadamias.

Life's all good right about now. :)

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