cat names and sugar rush

If I had a cat, I would name her Giselle. And if it was a boy, I would name it Goaty. I think they are just pretty much te cutest damn thing I have ever heard.

Tiq is a little black cat that belongs to my neighbour, and she's very, very social. She purrs and meows and kicks you and squeals at you, and then you grin and tickle her under the chin. Wouldn't you like to be a cat?

I had a little sugar rush this afternoon. Well, scratch that, I had a big sugar rush this afternoon. I had a massive burger and lots and lots of coke at Maccas and then we went to ALDI and bought about fifty billion lollies and then we ate them. By we, I mean me, myself, and I.

So I'm still on high and hoping this will last all through the boring school day tomorrow, which I am pretty much dreading.

So goodbye and love the peace in Norah Jones and Cheryl Cole, because they love you. And they live for the peace, oh man.

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