NYLON April Review

ok so i don't know if i have made this very well known, but nylon is just about the most awesome magazine. Ever.

the April issue is genuinely pretty mad, with a few awesome things that make it stand out. For this review i'll include my fave sections and the regulars ;;

COVER: the cover is simple and cute, but i love the girl on the front and her pose. i love the big bold letters and "pretty major" looks neat.

After you skip through all the ads (there is about 10 pages!) you approach the article on eds letter and the nylon fanmail, where you can find random letters of readers expressing their dying love for nylon.

FASHION: there is the usual spectrum of nylon fashion. Pure amazementness. With mysterious, quirky, funky and girly photo shoots and catwalk shots, fashion in this magazine is a must. The photography is superb and the quirky pieces make flipping through the pages heaven. There are also some awesome diy projects that will get you sewing in no time.

BEAUTY: colourful make-up and flirty fragrances bring this magazine to its tops. with pretty and glittery wintery design, plus the fact that it is the beauty issue, the beauty section really made me smile. there are about a billion fun hairstyles and new looks to try out.
CULTURE: these articles range from "modern love," an article about zoe lister-jones, a few albums to get your head in the groove (features quirky bands such as the virgins, the clash and eartha kitt) and "soul survivor" about the beautiful Erykah Badu.

EVERYTHING ELSE: an article on ashley tisdale, blah. zoe saldana, swicked (sweet and wicked)

nb; zoe saldana mentions she loves 'sex rock and roll, you have no idea.' ok, hrm.

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