new obssession?

ugh. don't even talk to me about obsessions, i get a new one every minute! every time i pick up nylon or oyster i get obsessed over something.

But this group is so cute, you just have to admit. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles was discovered first, by me, on a podcast (free, yes shannon, freee) on itunes, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Click the link on their cd cover to listen to their songs :)

My fave is definitely 'Special Party Time for Everybody' which is a cute, folkish, rockish song that is really catchy and stays in your head for ages. I'm pretty sure i have been caught belting this on high recently....

DOWNLOAD ON YOUR 'POD: sentimental heart by she & him, special party time for everybody by lucy michelle and the velvet lapelles, searing life by laneous & the family yah.

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