saving francesa by Melina Marchetta

If you want to cry, laugh, smile and get completely angry, then read this book.

It's about Francesa (obviously!) and her experiences with life, friends and love. It may sound like any ordinary teenage story, but it's different. It starts off with a perfect life, she goes to Stella's, had some amazing friends there and life is good. Then, things get bad.

Her mother suffers a breakdown, she changes schools to the crowded St Sebastions in the city, and losing her friends is tough and hard for her. Each day is a struggle as she goes to school, keeps to herself and doesn't really say much.

When everything is finally revealed, will Francesa realize that she has already found love and true friendship, or would it have all slipped right past her?

I know what you think, corny, huh? But it is amazing and will stay with you forever. It's pretty thick but I read it in like three days.

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