topics to talk about....

So I have a few random things in my head, swirling around some times. And when I'm trying to make conversation I will just burst it out, not even thinking about it, and the people will sort of stare at me in an odd way.

- "Hey, do you know that I'm going to name my kids Delta, Mandy, Lola and Nile?"
- "I'm allergic to milk....what are you allergic too?"
- "My mum is 30, how old is yours?" (don't use this...ever)
- "So you like Justin Bieber?"
- "Can you do this? (insert strange bodily function)"

So as you can see, I am pretty much stuffed when it comes to making conversation. So all I can say is....just don't talk to me. Ever.

I can leave you with how damn amazing Cheryl Cole is. And Norah Jones. Love the peace people, love it, love it.

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