playing dress-ups

today, i embraced my inner child (even though i am already still a child) and took out all my dress-ups. i made it my goal to create 10 realistic outfits that i could wear out and about, and that no-one would actually laugh at or gape at me.

i checked out screaming mimi's for the much loved inspiration i needed, and created an adorable outfit. ahem. by adorable i may or may not mean just completley ridiculous, but it was screaming mimi's vintage and retro that inspired me, so therefore it is ok.

anyway, yesterday i was at tilly's, looking at shane dawson on youtube, and that screaming fred guy. funnnnnnnnny as! then we had pizza and melted chocolate and mixed it in with raw oats. an interesting flavour. and there was also those vegie chips...

aren't these sunnies just perfect?!! i love them so much, i almost feel sick. 38 dollars i think. from mimi's, and i will buy them, just you watch...

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