Celtic Thunderrrr

So I was at my friend's shannon's house this afternoon, and it was pretty cool. We were doing ordinary stuff, like hitting each-other, dancing, eating food, being stupid. That sort of stuff.
I was actually over there to ahem...do homework, but we never did any. OK, we did a bit, but I am so gonna fail tomorrow because we have a religion assingment that I am suppossed to be doing right now, but I'm not. Did you want to know something awesome? Today in music, instead of doing work, we had our teacher play Oasis and Cyndai Lauper, and we stood up in class and sung True Colours, and it was pretty cool :)

Band of the moment:: uhmmm, definitley Celtic Thunder and Angie Hart.
Song/s of the moment:: Lauren and I by Celtic, and I'm Afraid of Fridays by Angie.
Shannon is coming to check out this blog. she better comment.....

Keith Harkin is a BABE, he's from Celtic Thunder and I love him! I will leave you with some pictures of his hottness...


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