In reply to shannon...

this post is a really annoying and retarted one, and I am so annoyed off right now.

J is gay, i mean, i swear. And he called shannon fat (and you're NOT!) and then he totally pretended everything was normal! And it wasn't! Grrr.....i am not talking to him tomorrow, and i mean kristy is his friend but i don't see how.

Then there's this post: AWWWWWWWW......thanksyouthanksyouthanksyouthanksyouthanksyouaahhhh ok i can get a little over excited when people compliment me, cos i mean, it never happens. So she said i was beautiful, and i'm like, omg what the heck??!! But then i looked in the mirror and i'm like, she's right!!! :P

I try to have good self esteem, but sometimes it comes across as a little snobby snotty remark. So don't take it that way, because everyone is beautiful.

I believe that you shouldn't judge someone because they are not your idea of beautiful. I mean, what if your idea of beautiful is everyone elses idea of ugly? But it's not nowdays. Everyones idea of beautiful is skinny-minny, blonde, tanned, perfect. Ugly is anything that is not that.

But it's stupid. Because shannon is sooooo pretty and no-one should tell her otherwise!

Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true

Night night

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