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Shannon made a blog!!! Follow >>>>> this blog

Apparently, when shannon was reading my blog, it was so good, she was 'inspired.' Wow, it's the first time I have ever been inspiriring, and let me tell you, I am not normally inspiriring. About as inspiriring as I get is setting an example of how not to behave. i just realized that writing inspiriring is really hard to type.

Shannon said she was stuck for ideas on what to write. I guess it's the same for me sometimes, as well. I normally write about my life, random thoughts, blah blah. But no-one wants to hear about that. So that's why I decided to create a new turn-a new lead and a new follower. I dunno, I guess. I want a make-over, sometimes I just want to wipe the slate clean I guess. Like when you're playing a ps2 game or something and you suddenly feel like starting the game again, just so you can relive it or maybe make a few changes when neccessary.

I also want a make-over of my life, my face, my body and my blog. Let's start with the first one:

My life- sort of drags on a bit. I mean i get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to school, do work, come home, listen to music, do homework, go to bed. Repeat. Sometimes I want it to be different, like maybe I'll wake up and suddenly there will be an earth-quake or something. Not really. I say things like that, like i really wanna car to hit me, and then i say not because i realize it would hurt.

My face- pretty obvious. It'll scare people off. 'Nuff said. I wish i had long straight dark brown hair, cheekbones, long eyelashes. But i'll never get it, so there's just no point moping.

My body- i can't fix, not really anyway. Unless i pay a billion-bloody dollars for liposuction or surgery or whatever. but i am kinda happy with my body. I'm beautiful.... <:0

My blog- I can fix this! will be a total make-over, for shannon :)

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