home is where the heart is

I'm sitting right now on a really long white leather couch (comfyy!!) with a really soft leopard print doona wrapped around me. A plasma screen TV is oposite me and the walls are white with few bright bold decorations. I am typing on a white flat-screened apple mac laptop which is posistioned on a bold red coffee centre table. The aroma of musk and vanilla is floating around and soft music is playing from my sleek iphone.

I'm dreaming.

I'm actually sitting on an old wooden chair on my desk with a plain old black laptop and no plasma :( I was just trying to imagine the perfect home. But really, what is the perfect home? I have always thought that the perfect home is really modern and high tec, wit lots of gadgets and glass. Some people like the tiny little cottages or the great big spooky mansions.
Anyway, enough about houses.

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