um just pondering buttercups?!

So it is like, freezing cold here, I am all wrapped up in my blanket and sipping warm milk with milo :)

Anyway, so in the few hours we have left until school, which I hate, I was thinking about this blog. OK, well I was thinking about this blog and how nice a huge breakfast would be....but besides that.

So I called this blog, What Real Girls Do With Their Life, and I guess that it goes with the blog itself. But because I'm a real girl, I don't normally do very exciting things. I don't have gay parents, mentally ill brothers, an axe murderer story and I have never been on a plane or met anyone famous.

I'm a pretty boring person.

So I'm just asking you, that before you follow this blog, realize a few things about me. A: I'm boring. B: I love Norah Jones and Cheryl Cole. C: I hate cherry coke.

Seriously. I mean, man, Americans have some pretty disgusting food. I mean, peanut butter and chocolate? Yum. Cherry coke-flavoured-like-marzapane? Pretty damn feral. Never have it unless you like gulping marzapane and lemonade. Not a good combo.

Anyway, one day I'll grow up and I'll realize that, hey, I'm not as ugly as I thought, or maybe the opposite. I might stare in the mirror and be like: "Man, I have a chest."


But that's just me. I babble on a lot. So you better get used to it...<3

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