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ok, so i have decided to do something a little different, and actually do something that people can work with! So i will review something, like a song or whatever. not that i don't do that already, cos i do, but i will do it all technological so everyone can actually read it. today, i will be doing "lip balms."

Now, i'm a big fan of lip balm. i just love the nice, smooth feeling it leaves your lips and i love the sweet smells. but, sometimes, you can get some really ugly and disgusting ones. so i went out and brought some lip balms (ok, not really, i had them already...) and am going to give you the lowdown on them all:

nivea repair and protection: i am a big fan of nivea anything really, but when i bought this, for four bucks, i expected something a little, different.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Probably the coolest thing about this device is the fact that it has a little swivel tube, but besides that, not much else.
WHEN APPLIED: The actual lip balm is a little like a tube of wax, or a crayon or something. it doesn't have a pretty scent, it smells like wax. when it's on your lips, it feels like something really soft and feathery has just brushed up against it. it feels a little greasy and waxy, and it tastes funny. it makes the dryness go and leaves your lips tingling for more! (applying this is kinda addictive)

OVERALL: an alright stick, probably worth the price as it lasts a while, best used at school for quick fix.

palmers cocoa butter formula lip balm sunscreen stick: i always love the feel of palmers on my skin, so i wondered what it would be like on my lips.

FIRST IMPRESSION: can i just say, that this is really hard to open! seriously, i couldn't even open it at first! it smells really nice, like cocoa butter (obviously) and coconut. but the smell got a bit overwhelming after a while...

WHEN APPLIED: it was a bit grainy and tastes funny, but it felt nice and smooth on my lips. if you use to much though, well then there goes your taste buds. disgusting. after you smack your lips together for a bit, you notice that the greasiness goes away. visibly reduces lumps and bumps.

OVERALL: i didn't really like it, i enjoyed nivea better. best for people going to the beach because it stays on in water and you wont notice the greasiness.

body shop shea lip care stick: i love all body shop stuff, and i'm pretty sure they love me too :)

FIRST IMPRESSION: it looked cute and pretty, something that i could carry around with me. it smells delicious! like vanilla, ice cream and spices all mixed together! even though it was small and doesnt last very long, i loved the smell the most and would buy a billion of them just because of the smell!

WHEN APPLIED: very light, quick absorbed and non-greasy. it is like butter on your lips, but not as sticky or greasy. it has a sweet taste. the only problem is that is is so quick absorbing you don't have enough time to enjoy the awesomeness :(

OVERALL: i loved it! it was non-sticky, and visibly reduced cracks and bumps and made my lips smoother then ever.

did you likey?

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