why are you so obssessed with me?

ok, so by now you may have noticed that i am obsessional. i can get obsessed over pretty much anything. well, my latest and so coolest obsessions are; (thanks to nylon)

she and him: can zooey deschanel get any cooler than this? her band is a mixture of soft guitar tones and sweet vocals. I actually think that the band posters and CD covers are actually cooler than the actual band, but that is why i am called 'bizzare.'

Shop till you drop: while i was splurging in sydney, on lots of things, (shoes, clothes, hairstuff, magazines, etc) i picked up a copy of the latest STYD magazine, and i was surprised, because it's pretty damn cool. i especially love the fact that they based this issue on 'fashion for all shapes and sizes,' and that is pretty cool.

dash and will: already an old obsession, dash and will are two awesome aussie cuties who sing songs that make your heart swell, in a good way.

11 Birthdays (by Wendy Mass) if you haven't heard me going on about this book, it's because you don't know me well enough. seriously. it transformed me, it is so cute and lovely. read it today, because your mind with thank you.

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